reflexology for stress

How Can Reflexology Help With Stress?

The art of reflexology is relatively old with people having practiced it for a very long time.

Many people may not have heard of this type of treatment so before we begin let’s spend a minute talking about what it is and how it can probably help you.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a form of massage that revolves around applying varying amounts of pressure to the ears, hands, and feet. This type of massage is based on a theory where these different body parts have a connection to specific body systems and organs. The belief is that by applying pressure to these different parts can offer a variety of health benefits. Reflexology can help on both the physical as well as the emotional level.

It started off as early as 1000bc before making more strides into becoming a legitimate practice. Many of the practices for this practice started off with a man known as Dr. Fitzgerald who started suggesting ideas on what we now know as pressure points and how they could help with various problems. This ended up being elaborated upon to essentially make the entire ideology behind reflexology. 

What if you’re not interested in having your feet touched? You can also focus on having it help with your hand and face. There’re so many things that you can do to help with various problems. Yet, the question remains, how can this help with stress?

Understanding pressure points first

As many people decide on its effects for stress, a lot of reputable sources state that it could indeed help with stress. As the importance of this is to allow you to relax and calm down.

Pressure points can hurt or heal. Another example of a fun game is to press the middle of your palm with your other hands thumb and cradle your hand and hold it for about 3-5 seconds. You may not feel anything but a weird pressure. It’s an example of pressure points and is a direct example of what reflexology covers.

These are some old pastimes people have done with each other and there are way too many pressure points that can cause you to throw up or ease a migraine. We’ve all done it to ourselves. Hopefully this gives you a clearer idea into what its name is called, reflexology.

How does this help stress?

Throughout our entire life we have stubbed our thumb, toe, etc. We have caused pain. Reflexology takes those concepts and uses them to relax and remove stress within your body.

You could go to an appointment and have them press your toes or pull your fingers and somehow you would end up relaxing. That’s the fun part. We can’t accurately say how or why. We just know these things work and there’s always going to be a pressure point for something that we didn’t know existed.

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