Patient Testimonials

“Karolina is a brilliant and very knowledgeable accupuncturist, but on top of this she is also extremely kind. I started seeing Karolina due to fertility issues and she was so helpful and caring. Not only did I find the sessions super relaxing but I also had someone to talk to! Karolina went over and above to translate various results from the doctors and I really felt like she was working with me to understand how to address issues that might be causing the infertility. I definitely learnt a lot!

I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an acupuncturist in the area and will definitely be visiting her again ahead of my due date.”

Mrs T. Reading

“What can I say, I honestly cannot recommend Karolina enough for acupuncture, knowledge and support, I have tried acupuncture twice before with other therapists and dreaded the treatment and found the experience uncomfortable. Having tried to conceive for over a year and since discovering that we (I) had issues which ultimatley would result in us trying IVF I decided to add acupuncture to my monthly trying to get pregnanat rituals and give it my all.

As soon as I met Karolina she  put me at ease immediately, she talked me through the treatement and even followed up by email to see how I was feeling. She also provided weekly advice for myself and even my partner. Although my aim for acupuncture was to conceive I also found my  digestion, stress and sleep improved and I am happy to type I am now pregnanat after only 7 sessions. I honestly would say wathever your reservations maybe if you feel acupuncture isn’t for you then try one session with Karolina and you won’t look back.

Thank you once again for everything you have done and I will look forward to many more treatments in the future.”
Mrs C. Reading

“I do not normally write reviews, however it was Karolina’s reviews that prompted me to call her and it was the best decision I could have made.

My husband and I are both 36 yrs old had been told we had unexplained infertility after 15 months of trying. I had heard acupuncture could help and I was prepared to try anything.

Karolina has been unbelievably thoughtful and thorough. She lent me books on fertility nutrition, she kept up to date with my cycles and helped me research any new information I received from the Drs. regarding hormones etc. Most importantly the acupuncture itself had an immediate effect on me. I felt mentally and physically calmer and lighter after the very first session which for me was one of the main goals. Since seeing Karolina I have managed stress and anxiety much better. I plan to continue doing acupuncture with Karolina long term.

Fertility wise, our news is even better – I had my first appointment with Karolina on Oct 31st 2020 … our baby is due on Oct 31st 2021.

I would also note that during my treatment with Karolina, I also was prescribed clomid – but I was told I had a 12% chance of it working. I truly believe that the acupuncture was responsible to managing my stress levels and creating a healthier environment for it all to work and for this, I will be forever grateful to Karolina.”

Mrs O. Caversham

“After a couple of unsuccessful ivf treatments, I was looking for acupuncture sessions to help me go through the next transfer and increase chances of successful pregnancy. What a surprise it was when after a few sessions with Karolina I got pregnant naturally. From the beginning Karolina made me feel comfortable and relax during each session. She also gave me additional treatments when I started bleeding and she arranged an appointment quickly regardless a short notice. Additionally, be able to talk to Karolina like a friend and getting good advice from her helped me to deal with stress when bleeding appeared. Especially at the beginning of pregnancy when my friends and family didn’t know about this yet.
Karolina shows an interest in her patients and even between sessions she wants to know how me and baby are feeling.
I’m really happy and satisfied with her treatments. I highly recommend Karolina’s acupuncture for fertility to anyone who is having a problem to get pregnant.”

Mrs F. Reading

I highly recommend Karolina. It was my first time trying acupuncture and I was slightly sceptical and nervous at first, however, Karolina made the whole experience so calm and reassuring. She is incredibly knowledgable and takes time and care to explain acupuncture can aid fertility.

I was lucky enough to fall pregnant after my first acupuncture session with Karolina after many years of trying. I truly believe that Karolina played a huge role in that. Not only was the acupuncture tailored to my specific needs, Karolina also recommended books to read and a new diet which changed my whole outlook to becoming pregnant and stopped a mental block.

I have had a few scares throughout my pregnancy but Karolina has become my first contact to get my body on track again. She is always willing to listen and goes above and beyond in every session to help. I always feel reassured, calm and positive after my sessions and I consider Karolina a dear friend now as she always shows so much care.

Thank you very much for getting me this far in my pregnancy Karolina.

Mrs P. Sonning

“Cannot recommend enough! Karolina was so kind and thoughtful throughout my IVF journey. A real support in what was a tough time and I was lucky enough to become pregnant on my first try.
She is incredibly knowledgeable of the process and supports you through every step. I continued with her throughout my pregnancy too… She is fantastic.”

Mrs L. Newbury

“Highly recommended!! I’d started IVF and had been told about Fertility Acupunture so thought I’d give it a go. Karolina was extremely knowledgable and made me feel right at ease. During the sessions we talked lots about fertility and Karolina also had some great recommendations to help aid IVF. I’m delighted to say we’re expecting our first child and I’m convinced that acupuncture had a key part to play.”

Mrs H. Maidenhead

“I’d highly recommend Karolina, she’s incredibly professional and knowledgable. Having not had acupuncture before she was very reassuring and explained the process thoroughly. I started seeing Karolina due to fertility issues and was delighted to find after just a few sessions I was pregnant!”

Mrs E. Reading

“I would really recommend Karolina – I started acupuncture in September last year to treat PCOS. In the first consultation she went through various aspects of my health, diet and lifestyle, helping me to understand how acupuncture looks at the whole body holistically. I began with fortnightly sessions and soon upped to weekly – I felt tired at first after them but soon adapted and I actually felt more energised (and so relaxed) as the sessions went on. Karolina always listened to my preferences (at first I didn’t like having needles on my face) and helped me understand the results of blood tests I was having too. My last session with Karolina was just before Christmas as in early January I found out I was pregnant! For me, Karolina’s relaxing treatments complemented other lifestyle changes I was making and I couldn’t recommend her more.”

Mrs A. Caversham

“I cannot speak highly enough of Karolina, I truly believe that my second baby wouldn’t be here without her help. Not only is she professional and extremely knowledgeable but she is so friendly and caring too. I went to Karolina following two miscarriages and issues with conceiving and within twelve weeks of my first acupuncture session I was pregnant and my baby is now 10 weeks old. Thank you Karolina, I will be forever grateful to you x”

Mrs R. Maidenhead


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