Celluma LED Light Therapy in Reading

Celluma LED Light Therapy in Reading

Celluma light therapy is one of the most promising new techniques that can help regenerate cells naturally.

Celluma LED technology was developed by NASA and it can assist with a wide range of conditions. Celluma can enhance the growth factors in our cells which can reduce inflammation, assist with collagen production.

How does the light therapy work?

Celluma LED light therapy works by using near infrared lights that can penetrate into the skin. Using red and blue wavelengths, the combination and the science behind the lights will stimulate the growth of skin cells as well as improve the condition of the epidermis.

The light penetrates deeply into the dermis, which is the layer below the epidermis insuring that multiple layers of skin cell growth can occur. The light photons are applied to the skin and as the light is absorbed by the mitochondria in the DNA and the chromophores, this leads to a metabolic reaction and cellular changes that can improve tissue repair.

Celluma LED Treatment options

Celluma LED light therapy can be an extremely useful solution for anti-aging and acne treatment to name just a few options available.

Celluma LED light therapy for acne can treat the breakout at the site and stimulate healthy skin grows. When extreme breakouts happen, LED light therapy can provide fast results that reduce inflammation and stimulate the growth of healthy cells to replace the acne breakout.

For antiaging, Celluma LED light therapy has been proven effective at stimulating the growth of collagen and new skin cells. The therapy tightens and improves skin cells by stimulating the growth of new skin which can smooth out wrinkles, even skin tone and help people preserve the look of their skin over time.

Celluma LED light therapy is a pain free treatment that offers zero downtime. You can enjoy a relaxing treatment that comes with no additional side effects and a gentle warming solution. The treatment time takes just 30 minutes and the system can be used not only on the face but across the entire body. You will notice the relaxing benefits immediately as well as support for skin repair, recovery and more.

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